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Google Lat Long: Introducing Google Maps Coordinate: Organize teams on the move

Google Lat Long: Introducing Google Maps Coordinate: Organize teams on the move

How it works

Real-Time Visibility

All team members can be seen on a Google Map. By assigning jobs to the nearest worker, more tasks can be completed in a shorter amount of time. Administrators can dispatch jobs with the confidence that an individual's location is correct. You are able to upload your own floor plans, and locate workers and jobs indoors based on wifi information.

Job Management

Workers can see a list of their jobs, and check in to show that they have started. This reduces miscommunication between the worker and dispatcher. Workers are able to minimize down time between tasks and complete a higher number of jobs per day.

Data Capture

Using their mobile device, workers can view detailed information about the job, as well as add their own notes which are immediately stored in the cloud. This eliminates paper-based workflows, duplication of work and saves teams from losing information.

Custom POI

A custom point of interest (POI) enables you to add information to a map such as customer sites, the location of facilities, or areas to avoid. This means that workers can be accurately directed to the right place, saving time and increasing efficiencies. As more POIs are added, the learning curve is reduced for workers new to a particular area.

Job and Location History

The location history of each worker can be shown, which helps to make more informed decisions about how teams operate and improve the efficiency of the mobile workforce. Administrators can see all details regarding a specific job. Over time, this builds a rich database of job details, which you can reference for continual improvement.