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Surveyor Resources [Part Two]-Online Publications, Blogs and Magazines

This is PART TWO in the Surveying Resources and Links Series [part 1 here], which is all about online land surveying publications, links and industry blogs. There is a chance that something on this list could become extremely helpful to you some day so feel free to bookmark and/or share this list with your land surveying buddies. If there is something you'd like to add or a link that I missed, feel free to drop it below with a description in the comments so that everyone may benefit from this resource. Good Luck surveyors! I intentionally left one section off of this list for "Surveying Blogs" in hopes that you will submit your favorite land surveying blogs and website links in the comments below. This will help us all gain a better understanding or what surveyors are actually reading and find useful.


Point of Beginning — The Oldest of the Surveying Magazines
American Surveyor Magazine — A paid subscription print magazine - Just
became free…subscribe now
GPS World — The latest GPS news for surveyors and other
GeoPlace— GPS in the News
Cadalyst— Cad Informtion - Hugh AutoLisp library
Professional Surveyor — addresses the processes and tools of position and
measurement as well as the role of the surveyor
Earth Observation Magazine— EOM provides up-to-date coverage of developments with satelliteimagery, digital aerial photography, digital topographic datasets and
GIS Monitor (weekly)
— GIS Monitor takes a fresh look at GIS software, data, GPS,
location-based services, wireless and other industries and technologies
that touch the location technology arena


GPS for Dummies by Joel McNamara — Indroduction for Beginners
GPS Made Easy by Lawrence Letham — A good book for those
considering buying a GPS
Geocaching for Dummies by Joel McNamara — Find a high-tech hobby in the
great outdoors! Dig into this fast-growing detective sport
The Essential Guide To Geocaching by Mike Dyer — Caches or
stashes of provisions, hidden along a route were a common occurrence in
Lewis and Clark�s day when
GPS for Land Surveyors by Jan Van Sickle — Written by a land
surveyor, for land surveyors
GPS Mapping by Rich Owings — Learning to use a GPS is fairly
straightforward; choosing which software to use is not. GPS Mapping �
Make Your Own Maps
GPS Satellite Surveying by Alfred Leick — updated to cover
emerging precise-point position technology
Introduction to GPS by Ahmed El-Rabbany — includes an in-depth discussion
on the errors and biases that affect GPS measurements, along with

Government GIS information (CANADA)

BC Land Title & Survey -OnLine Cadastre
BC OnLine - BC E-Government Services
District of West Vancouver -WestMap
City of Burnaby - BURNABY MAP
City of Richmond - GIS INQUIRY
City of Surrey - COSMOS
District of North Vancouver -GeoWeb
City of North Vancouver - GIS Website
City of Coquitlam - Q the Map
City of Port Coquitlam - POCO Map
City of Vancouver - VanMap
The Corporation of Delta - DeltaMap
City of Langley - Geo - Property Information System
City of Abbotsford - Webmap


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