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Even More GPS and GIS Tutorials 

Principles and Practice of GPS Surveying - The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based, microwave, 24-hour, all-weather, global military navigation system designed, deployed, financed and managed by the U.S. military authorities. Since GPS was declared operational in mid-1993 it has had a profound impact on the art and practice of most forms of positioning and navigation. However, GPS has already had a tremendous impact on surveying, initially as a technology for "control surveys", for which purpose it was first introduced into many countries during the early 1980's -- well before the full satellite constellation was available to navigation users. In fact, the application of GPS for control surveys (or so-called "geodetic" surveys) was the first civilian use of GPS which was well beyond that for which GPS was originally intended by its military designers. 

Trimble GPS Tutorial - (requires Adobe Shockwave) GPS is a complex technology but understanding it can be quite easy if you take it one step at a time. This tutorial is designed to give you a good basic understanding of the principles behind GPS without loading you down with too much technical detail. For those details see the reference links in our GPS Guide. We recommend that you follow the tutorial in the order it's presented, especially the "How GPS works" section. In that section the logic of the explanation develops one step at a time. DGPS Tutorial

Global Positioning System Overview - These materials were developed by Peter H. Dana, Department of Geography, University of Texas at Austin, 1994. These materials may be used for study, research, and education in not-for-profit applications. If you link to or cite these materials, please credit the author, Peter H. Dana, The Geographer's Craft Project, Department of Geography, The University of Colorado at Boulder.

Garmin's GPS Guide for beginners   GPS technology is rapidly changing how people find their way around the Earth. Whether it be for fun, saving lives, getting there faster, or whatever use you can dream up, GPS navigation is becoming more common every day.Garmin  hopes that this guide will give you enough information to get you involved in all the excitement that awaits you. 

Topcon's GPS Tutorial - Stones, trees, and mountains were the early examples of "points of reference". Celestial navigation was the first serious solution to the problem of finding one's position in unknown territories, where the Sun, the Moon and stars were used as points of reference. Automatic computation of position, through measurement of distances to points of reference, became a reality only recently when radio signals were employed and the age of radio navigation began. LORAN  (LOng RAnge Navigation)coverage is limited to about 5% of the surface of the earth where the chains are established. It is not a global system. Signals from navigation satellites can cover large areas of the earth, and several satellites can cover the whole planet.

GPS Primer (Aerospace Corporation)   GPS is one of history's most exciting and revolutionary developments, and new uses for it are constantly being discovered. But before we learn more about GPS, it's important to understand a bit more about navigation. 

Google Wave for Land Surveyors- Invites Available

Happy Holidays Surveyors!
Just wanted to mention that there are a few Google Wave invitations available if any of you are in need of one. I have 25 available so here's the deal: Kindly drop a comment under this post with a simple statement about your opinion of Land Surveyors United and how you think it is changing the way surveyors communicate and I'll send the invitation right out to you.

If you are Already On Google Wave
If you are already on Google Wave, drop your wave id below if you like and lets all connect on the LSU Wave. I know that a lot of this is still very new, but think of it as an exciting chance for us all to learn how to use the wave FOR OUR PURPOSES together..
I hope you are all having a safe and happy holiday and I look forward to seeing you on the wave!

Google Wave Handbook
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Join Land Surveyors United and connect with other professional land surveyors across the globe in 144 languages. Share land surveying tips and tricks and find surveying equipment specials and deals on a budget.
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Did you know that you can share large files, video and other types of digital media right on your Land Surveyors United profile? Well you can and I'm going to tell you how:

First, log into your account and click on "MY PAGE." Look down on your left column for the button "ADD APPLICATION" and you'll be taken to a screen full of open social applications that you can add. Look for (or search for) application.By setting up a account with your email, you get 5GB of space online for free. If you want to see a good example of this application at work, check out Palmetto Equipment's profile

Other applications for Document Sharing:

Good luck surveyors. Perhaps this can help you in th field. Tip: get your home base to sign up for an account on LSU! Invite them.
Share Documents and Files Right from Your LSU Profile ~ Palmetto Equipment and Supply

Land Surveyors United Passes 675 Members and Growing FAST!

 You may remember from just a month or so back us posting that Land Surveyors had passed the 400+ members mark. This indeed is a monumental achievement for the land surveying industry. Today I proudly update this post with the news that our thriving social network for professional land surveyors has passed the 675 member mark and is growing every day in leaps and bounds!

Creating Benchmarks
Land Surveyors United has officially become the destination of surveyors all over the globe and can be enjoyed in over 144 languages. It has become what it was intended to be-a place where land surveyors from any region can go to find answers to their problems in the field, affordable equipment and supplies and news from the industry. In the LSU forum, you will see surveyors hard at work and networking with other surveyors to get the job done. We are becoming a one stop site for all things surveying related and I want to congratulate you all for putting in such hard work while socializing. Remember the this site translates into every language so there are no barriers as to what will be understood by other surveyors from the opposite side of the world. You all should be proud of being part of the largest most interactive social community of professional land surveyors anywhere in the world. Beef up those profiles with links to your business and experience,  stuff to share and get those buddies in here to spread the wealth of knowledge that we have at our fingertips.  Take a look at our member map and you'll see that we are quickly covering the globe.

A Note to Members
My son Justin created LSU and he is dedicated to helping surveyors find the answers they need regarding equipment, software and getting your work done.  He has spent countless hours maintaining the integrity of the network, keeping spam and non-related content off the network and making sure that only professional land surveyors become members.  Enjoy the network and be sure to invite your surveying buddies from the field to join in.  Good Luck Surveyors and enjoy YOUR social network!
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