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Why Land Surveyors LOVE LSU!

Enhance Your Work

Enhance Your Work

Populate Your Network Contacts from your LSU Profile and add new life to your work. Our members are willing and able to help make you a better surveyor!

Collaborate with Contacts

Collaborate on Projects

Collaborate on surveying projects anywhere in the world and enlist the support and contributions from land surveyors across the globe, all from LSU!

Explore Land Surveying

Explore Surveying

Learn more about who you know and make life-long contacts with other professional land surveyors.  See how other surveyors accomplish the same tasks in other parts of the world.

Organize your surveying life

Organize Your Network

Stay in constant communication with other land surveyors in every part of the world right from your LSU profile.  You no longer have language barriers.  Share what you know and learn from others

Connect with surveyors

Connect and Share

Strengthen your social support network by sharing what you know best.  Ensure a future for those new to the industry by sharing tricks and tips from the field.  Live forever as a surveyor on LSU!

Streamline Your Work

Streamline Your Work

Easily share documents and files with your coworkers and the office using LSU as a virtual hub for your surveying business.  Communicate in real time and use the  forum to troubleshoot problems from the field.

According to member feedback on Land Surveyors United, there are many reasons why land surveyors love LSU, but social support rates among the highest rated. Just 3 years ago there wasn't a land surveyor on this planet who could have dreamed that surveyors would one day be able to communicate with other surveyors in real time from anywhere on earth, from the field and in any language!  Join in on the discussions and make your presence known on planet earth surveyors!