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80,000 Views on Land Surveyors United Map!!!

I've been doing A LOT of work to the mapping aspect of Land Surveyors United over the past few days. And although there is still much to do, I just wanted to share my excitement with having over 80,000 views of our member map.  We are now completely dispersed across the globe with social support groups in every continent on earth, even Antarctica (which we hope to have some surveyor stories in the near future).

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Solo Notes: Don’t Forget to Look Backward

Questioning long-held sacred principles and practice is considered by some surveyors to be a form of blasphemy.

Traversing the Law: Requiem for the First Surveyor Concept

Search for First Surveyor
Can you hear the mournful peal of the distant bell? For whom does the bell toll? It is the death knell of the first surveyor concept--an arbitrary rule of surveying too oft extolled.

Who was the first surveyor?  Share it on LSU!

Laser Technology Releases LaserGIS for ArcPad

Laser GIS
Laser Technology, Inc. announced today the release of LaserGIS for ArcPad. This new software extension maximizes field work productivity because it complements the current ArcPad platform and workflow, and significantly enhances its laser measurement capabilities, according to Laser Technology, which termed the software "an integration between lasers and GIS."

Hemisphere GPS Introduces Eclipse II Multi-GNSS Receiver Technology with Advanced ASIC Design

Today, Hemisphere GPS announced its next-generation Eclipse II GNSS receiver technology and the release of the Eclipse II OEM board. Based on new Hemisphere GPS firmware and ASIC designs, Eclipse II provides improved RTK performance, GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, and OmniSTAR support, and reduced power consumption, the company said.

Run Flash on your iPhone

Regardless of what you may think of either platform, it's fun to see what others will do to get what they want. In the accompanying video Taimur Asad from Redmond Pie demos an alpha version of Frash running on an iPhone 4. If you want to try this yourself, check out this how-to. [via Redmond Pie]

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Abrahamson Leaves Land Surveying Legacy

G. Abrahamson, PLS/MS, and Vice President, Surveying for Merrick & Company,
passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, August 28, 2010.

New Exhibitors at 3rd Carlson Software User Conference

Carlson’s User Conference this year will feature ongoing demonstrations and question-and-answer periods by nine different companies.