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How to Find a Surveying Jobs

Surveying Jobs

Finding a surveying job is becoming ever increasingly more difficult in recent years, yet there are a few ways that you may have not tried yet. In this article, I will explain a few resources that land surveyors are using to stay on top of the job hunt using social media, mashups and the support of fellow surveyors. There are more land surveyors out of work today than ever before. To a surveyor, this is not news. But how are we dealing with it? For those looking for surveying positions in the United States, Land Surveyors United,a social support network for Surveyors, has a dedicated Surveying Jobs board which is updated hourly. For those who are looking to fill a position in the surveying industry, the LSU jobs board is the most inexpensive place to post classifieds and it has qualified professional land surveyors in need of work, watching it daily. Social Media and The Real World Surveyors are resorting to social support groups such as Unemployed Surveyors and Job Search Group on Land Surveyors United in order to share cross-cultural techniques and resources for finding available positions. On these groups Jobs can be found in forum discussions, by referral and GeoRSS updates via map. Finding that perfect job may take a bit of time and strategy, but it can be done. Geospatial professionals are using an online social support network of their peers to achieve employment status. The hunt for a surveying related position is rapidly changing... and on a social level, due primarily to the "mobile revolution." In the past, all one needed to do was pick up a local newspaper and search the classifieds. Today, you almost have to be an internet genius to find and successfully apply for a position. With a little time and some online networking, you can connect with other professionals in a similar situation on Land Surveyors United and engage the social job hunt. You can even take the discussion with you to the new job site- once you get it and figure out how to use that new instrument..

Learn more about finding a job in land surveying by visiting Land Surveyors United and connecting with other surveyors worldwide.

How to Find a Job in Land Surveying