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You Asked For it Surveyors! Now, Here it Is

All of the new additions to LSU in the past few days have been the product of fulfilling a requestaddressing a need or just being creative (as usual)..  Land Surveyors United will become whatever YOU want it to be...I am here to make that occur to the best of my ability.  That is my commitment to this community.  The value of social support is much greater than many of us realize,more important than finding a missing manual and more effective than most tech support.  The majority of us...perhaps all of us came to LSU because we needed something, some answer or some support on some issue that could be answerable from within the pages of this network.  For those of us who have little time to actually sit down and type, it is important to remember that the strength of this community depends on the amount of valuable content that is shared.  And with that said, simply sharing (tweeting, facebooking or suggesting) articles which you find valuable or interesting is just as important as creating the content yourself.  If you see something you like, please take 2 seconds and pass it on.  This will ensure that the most valuable content is always on the surface of the network for others to see. If you haven't connected your twitter or facebook accounts to your profile this is a perfect time to do so..the network is growing and moving faster than ever before. So without further ado, I give you some valuable features which I have added to your network for you to enjoy:

Surveying Jobs Board

Surveying Jobs
Surveying Jobs
Its no surprise that there are probably more out-of-work-surveyors in the industry today than ever before.  Therefore, LSU is doing everything possible to help surveyors find a job before having to sell all of their equipment and resort to other measures.  You can read the full introductory job board post here, but in short this is THE job board for the land surveying industry.  Cheaper than craigslist, those with jobs to offer can post them here for $7/30 days and target land surveyors who are in search of work directly.  If we all promote this job board, we may be able to collectively help a portion of our industry's job pool find work with little downtime.  I need your help doing this.  Send any job related questions to  Presently, this job board is geared for United States Land Surveying Jobs, however sometime next week I will be adding functionality for international job posts.  Please help this feature grow! Don't let your buddies sell their equipment.  You are all part of a Legacy which MUST be perpetuated.  Spread the word.
LSU member Birthdays


This addition to the network will make it easier for surveyors to connect on a friendly level.  Everyone has a birthday and now you can wish your friends and collegues a good day on their special day of the year.  It take less than 10 seconds to wish someone a happy birthday and it can go a long way.  Giving "gifts" is always optional.


Idea on Land Surveyors United
Ideas for Surveyors
I am very excited about this new feature called Ideas on LSU.   Simply type in an idea  or suggestion that you have for the network and add it to the idea pool.  Vote on ideas that you like or dislike by using the arrows beside each idea already posted.   This is where we begin to make history, surveyors!   Add anything on your mind to this section on the main page.

surveyor status update
Land Surveyors Status on Main Page

Status Update Returns to Front Page

A while back, I had figured out a way for everyone to update their status from the main page (Base), but it caused some loading issues and I removed it.  Now it is back and better than ever!   Simply tell the network where you are working and what you are working on in less than 140 characters and generate some traffic to your company or just update your friends on how everything is going.


What surveyor goes to work without music?  Seriously, I can't name one.  So, everyone now has their jukebox on their profile, which you can upload whatever songs you like and listen while you work (or play) on LSU.  The trick is to simply open one tab with your profile open and music on, then do your surfing in another tab.  This is free as usual so enjoy!

I hope you all enjoy all of the hard work I have put into making these features available to you. I am always trying to combat the load times and gradually making LSU faster and more useful.  My creativity my get in the way of that at times, but it is your suggestions and feedback which make it easier to zero in on issues and eliminate anything which may hinder your community experience.  On your end, all I ask is that you continue being exactly who you are.  I hope that you will share something valuable with the world to hopefully make some other surveyor's life a bit easier.  We are a troubled breed of worker and for many these days seem numbered.  We can change this together through sharing relevance.  I look forward to your feedback and seeing you all on LSU.