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Updated Surveying Quick Start Guides and Brochures Pages on LSU - Land Surveyors United

Land surveying equipment Hardware brochures and documents

Justin has made some new updates can be found on both the Quick Start Guides Page and the Land Surveying Hardware Brochures page. For those of you looking for manuals, brochures or guides, if you cannot find them here, have no fear. Try these two steps before giving up:

1.)Go to the Main page of LSU and look on left sidebar for a search button. The results will show up in the middle column of the front page. This searches all of the collective libraries of surveying documents attached to LSU.

2.)Drop a comment on the page where brochures and manuals are kept and usually within 24hrs someone (usually Justin) will dig it up from the depths of the internet.

Hope this helps Surveyors!

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